Children’s Instrumental Classes Project- December 2023

We are delighted that the first year of traditional instrumental classes for children in a rural part of Bolivia has been concluded successfully with two gala concerts: one in Palca and another one in La Paz in December 2023.

The concerts were a great showcase of what can be achieved in just one year of committed practice and through the boundless enthusiasm of teachers and students. The young people involved in this scheme commented how much they have benefitted not only musically but also more widely in their lives. For many the trip to La Paz was the first visit ever to a large city, inspiring awe and many positive emotions. Not forgetting anxiety and stage fright the whole experience brought a lot of pride, happiness and confidence to the entire group.

The courses were a total success in bringing the two communities closer together and reviving interest in the Bolivian culture and music.

The children achieved reasonable competence in playing on three different instruments Tropa Sikus, Tropa Tarkas, Tropa Pinkillos. Additionally, they have learned about Bambo Italaque and Wanara Pinkallada drums which were used during practice sessions and during various performances throughout the year.

Classes were oversubscribed from the moment they started with only a few students giving up the effort half way through. Many of the students wish to continue learning for another year to reach a new level of competence. MEDyARTE Charity is planning to help these aspirations by creating a new two-level course in the future.

Masterclass for children lead by the old music masters, members of the community

We strongly believe that reigniting cultural identity, creating a new purpose in life and opportunity to work together as a team will make these children much happier, fulfilled and strong adults who will be able to contribute in the future towards their communities.

Here is a brief overview of this year’s work