Dance project

Dance project 2019

We are proud to announce that since March 2019 we have implemented a dance and music programme in Marang Library, which we opened as an educational centre last year. This is a three stage programme including teacher training, purchase of traditional Dayak instruments and children’s education. We were very fortunate in securing good quality musical instruments which were produced for us and delivered to Marang village earlier this year. Children have been greatly enjoying their music lessons with Yadi, a qualified music teacher, as well as Siti, a qualified dance instructor.

In the meantime Nikita, a teenage girl from the village, has started her teacher training under the tutelage of Yadi and Siti at the Hornbill Dance Academy in Palangkaraya.  She is making very good progress and is on course for being able to take over the music and dance teaching in the Marang library by the end of the year. In addition to teaching in Marang, the plan for Nikita is to travel with the floating library to various other villages in the area and provide ongoing cultural education for the youngest members of these communities.