The Craft Coast Fair Project








I am delighted to announce that a new artisan project in Cholpon Ata has come to fruition. We have funded 9 yurts furnished with tables and chairs, which have been now installed in front of the Hippodrome, located centrally in this town well known in Kyrgyzstan for its cultural traditions.

The yurts are going to be used throughout the spring, summer and autumn period for artisan workshops including felt, wood, leather processing etc as well as other craft activities with a view to training and familiarising the local community with the traditional skills which underlie their culture. The yurts will also be invaluable during many of the international festivals, symposiums and conferences held in this location during which artisans will be able to display and sell their products, the profit from which then will be used for purchase of raw materials and teaching of the younger generation. Finally, there are long reaching plans for artisans to develop close links with the tourist industry and to develop ethno- and eco- tourism based here.





Hopefully in the near future anyone visiting Kyrgyzstan will be offered an opportunity to see how to make a serdac, felt slippers or a rope out of the horse’s hair proudly presented by knowledgeable local inhabitants.