Water Filter Project Marang / Borneo 2022

On 19th February 2022 MEDyARTE Foundation has successfully carried out another project in Borneo, Indonesia. We have purchased, delivered and distributed 200 water filters to the most vulnerable families in Marang Village.

Like the majority of settlements, Marang village is positioned on the banks of a river. The population here is quite used to the seasonal flooding which happens every year, however, the frequency and severity of the floods is getting gradually worse with progressive destruction of the jungle, the natural habitat which was keeping the situation in check. Combination of repeated flooding as well as a lack of basic sanitation leads to significant health hazards. Waste products usually enter the river directly and the river water is then used for bathing, cooking and drinking, often without further sterilisation or boiling. Some families buy fresh water in plastic containers which in itself is expensive and contributes to the widespread problem of pollution. Others boil the water, but frequently cannot afford to purchase a sufficient amount of gas necessary for this on daily basis. All in all, incidence of diarrhoea, vomiting and consequent hospital admissions is very high, especially in the households along the riverbank.












Following a very successful initiative 3 years ago in Katimpun village, where we supplied the entire village with water filters and saw incidence of medical problems due to water pollution drop virtually to zero, MEDyARTE Foundation embarked on a similar project in Marang village, where we also fund a children’s library. The local population was absolutely delighted. Jerome, our Dutch contact, who runs an Indonesian based Charity – Social Impact specialising in distribution of water filters, led a special meeting during which he explained how the filters work, how they improve health and about the aftercare of the filters. Hopefully this learning event will ensure the long term success of this project and we will be able to watch with relief and satisfaction a healthy, happy population in the years to come.