Criteria and procedures for the medical projects

  • Local population need

All medical projects will be chosen based on the local population need. Population needs vary depending on the location and therefore particular care will be taken to establish

  • current state of medical provision in the given area
  • access to medical care, affordability and effectiveness
  • specific medical problems affecting the local population
  • Initial assessment of need

Initial assessment of need can take different forms.

  • Review of widely available documents such as WHO reports, country’s health reports, local area’s health reports, reports made public by locally operating charities and other health organisations. Such a comprehensive review could help to identify a country, and area within the country which would be an optimal place for the foundation to operate.
  • Foundation trustees might be approached by other medical charities to cooperate with them in the provision of a particular project. In these circumstances the trustees would require the other charity to provide detailed documentation about the necessity of the project, its aims, estimated length and cost. They would have to be convinced that there is a significant population need and the project would make a marked impact on the current situation.
  • The trustees may become aware of other charities which have similar aims to MEDyARTE Foundation, operating either from the UK or locally. They may choose to look into projects which are planned by these organisations or already ongoing. This can be done by obtaining information directly from the charities as per point 2b, they also should consider doing their own research into the needs of the local population as per point 2a


  • Choice of the project

The initial project proposal (e.g. dental care, vaccinations) will then be considered from various perspectives.

  • Estimated effectiveness of the intervention
  • Duration of the project
  • Estimated cost of the project
  • Required equipment, medication
  • Number and qualifications of required volunteers
  • Likelihood of long term impact
  • They will be also discussed with specialists in the medical field concerned


  • Assessment of the local political situation
  • Legislation governing the employment of local staff
  • Legislation governing the work of volunteers
  • Safety of the volunteers to come and work in the area: both from health perspective and political situation
  • Feasibility of carrying out the project



  • Assessment of local accommodation options for volunteers


  • An audit will be carried out on an ongoing basis to assess the effectiveness of the project


  • Results of the project outcome and audit will be made available on the Foundation’s website and other forms of media


  • Donors who contributed to the project will be updated individually on its progress and outcome


  • At the end of the project period further needs will be reassessed to allow for future planning