Mission Statement

MEDyARTE is a Charitable Foundation operating across the entire world. It was set up with the view of providing an opportunity to lead a life with dignity to those who need financial support to achieve such a goal. Having considered dignity as the most essential and undeniable value of condition humana which should be viewed in the widest sense of the word, the founders decided to undertake work in those fields where they personally have most knowledge and experience. True to the concepts of medicine and art contained in its name, the Foundation undertakes projects supporting health and promoting development of artistic potential in individuals and whole communities.
The project selection is based on the knowledge and experience gathered over many years of travel across all continents, analysis of up to date scientific research and information collected during field visits.
The activities of the Foundation are twofold:
As regards health-care the Foundation offers direct medical help judged to be the most beneficial for the local population; aims at addressing temporary health deficits; provides vaccination programmes to reduce incidence of infectious diseases and to prevent epidemics; brings in specialist help and medical equipment which is not usually available locally.
In our opinion self-sustainable projects are likely to provide the most benefit therefore we are committed to carrying out medical education, distributing information with the aim of improving hygiene and health outcomes, and training local staff in areas suffering significant shortages.
In the long term the Foundation is hoping to establish a medical centre in one location which will employ the local workforce to provide ongoing care in the community.

The second platform of our activity involves encouraging development of the creative artistic potential.
We support financially and organisationally both talented individuals and ambitious groups with creative abilities. Applicants are selected according to a detailed set of criteria including artistic talents, up to date level of achievement, impact on development of art and cultural heritage of given region or country as well as the protection and development of tradition.
The founders hold the view that many of the current existential world issues can be addressed through balancing economic development necessary for growth of modern society with the idea of a Green Planet. With this concept in mind MEDyARTE Foundation supports the work of craftsmen, particularly in relation to protection of local culture and rare or dying out professions; maintenance of regional specificity as well as encouraging the use of locally available raw materials and production methods; and stresses the importance of conveying this knowledge to the next generation.
MEDyARTE is also about mediation – our aim is to create a platform for the exchange of creative thoughts and abilities, networking of artists from around the world and creating new opportunities to present their achievements in Europe.
The founders strongly believe that cultural exchange and free flow of artistic ideas contributes towards the development of world culture whereas flooding markets with mass produced goods destroys the traditional ways of life irreversibly.